Vivel Ordering is a restaurant application that is designed and tailored for medium size restaurants that will like their own Online Ordering solution. The User Interface is designed to sell and to showcase each plate, it also creates an experience every time the user visit your Online Restaurant.

Vivel Ordering is all about giving our clients the best business.  So we offer you a online ordering system that we promise will assist your business. We want your restaurant to have its own online app for food purchases, so that your customers have more options regarding their food.  This will also boost your business due to the amount of people who prefer to use online ordering. Our app reaches out to a different customer base which will increase your business.

We have been testing and working on our Ordering App to present to you. Vivel Ordering wants our clients to have more to offer and allow customers to see the potential in each dish.  We knew that customers are always on the go, so for their convenience this app will allow them view each dish and order right from the menu.  The system will also direct to your restaurant to prepare for pick-up or delivery.

We created a food Ordering App to boost your online business. Vivel Ordering wanted to assist your customers by giving them more options.  With our Ordering App customers can access your menu through the design we created for you.  We will benefit the overall status of your business.