Vivel Ordering is designed to be Fully Customizable in almost every area of the Platform. You can Select your Brands: Colors, Fonts, Artwork, and any other changes that will benefit your brand recognition. Your app design choices will be best suited for your business and represent it the way you visioned it.

Tap, Tap, Order

With our User Interface design your costumers can select all of their sides and desserts from the same page. They will be able to scroll through and look at that favorite plate that they want to order. Instead of having your costumer look for those extra sides, desserts, or add On’s they will have them closer to their finger tips with the app design.


One of the visions that Vivel Ordering was design, was to make sure that each plate can be shown to each new potential client. Photography for the app design will help Brand Recognition and help educate and spread what your restaurant sells.

Kiosk | POS | Table Tablet

At Vivel Ordering we are always thinking of the future. We created and Designed our Platform not just for your costumer but for the future of your restaurant. Having the power of creating a KIOS station will not just put you in front of your competitors but will create Brand Recognition. It will also integrate a piece of technology to your structure. We can also integrate and design your POS that will work hand in hand with the Table Tablets.

IOS / Android

We think of all angles, your Online Ordering platform will work hand in hand with Android and IOS Platform.