Vivel Ordering has customized a way for your restaurant to bring in more customers.  Our system is finally created to help your customers with their ordering needs. With our Restaurant Ordering App you will have easy access to orders within seconds.  Due to the quickness of this app, it creates instant contact between you and customers.  Your customer’s orders are a click away.
Vivel Ordering invites you into the mobile world. Our app shows your menu through customer’s mobile device. Since the internet is what the future revolves around, this is app is essential. By offering this feature, you are increasing your potential business.
Our Restaurant Ordering App will increase the amount of people that order from your restaurant. Your restaurant’s food will always be on the menu at every household and work place with our app.
Viewing the menu on mobile devices is a key aspect to our app.  Because mobile apps are what’s trending now, people attract to these features. They will be able to send their food orders with a click of a button as well as view what they are ordering. The app also connects to a printer that is set up in your restaurant which the workers will get to prepare the order.
The app involves a chain of connections that send to a printer in your restaurant that we set up ourselves. It is a quick and easy Restaurant Ordering App to receive your customers orders. This on-the-go system will create happy customers. Because of this fast working system, customers will enjoy your restaurant much more.  Our team has tested the app to guarantee efficiency.