Vivel Ordering is a simple app that can become part of your business.  Contact us to start your business.  We are eager to get started on this project with you.  You will be able to customize your app and work with us through the process.  Our designs will show your menu to have it displayed on your app for customer viewing.  Then we connect the app to a printer set up in your restaurant.  We make sure to run tests first before customer use to assure proficiency.  As soon as the app is up and running, customers will have full access to your menu to start their first order.  
Heres how it works: First, the Food Ordering App design shows your customers each dish prepared.  With this visual feature, the customer can see what they are about to order. It also allows each customer to order off the menu which then will direct to the kitchen.  Then the app sends the customers order to a printer, provided by us, which prints out the receipt. After receiving the order, the receipt shows what food to prepare for the customer. Finally, the order will be in the hands of the customer.
Our Food Ordering app guarantees a quick and easy delivery or pick-up ready for enjoyment. This process involves a chain of connections that will enhance your restaurant’s ordering.  Vivel Ordering also offers more options for your customers to order online. By becoming part of the mobile app world you will attract more customers as well as assist your business.